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January 29th, 2011

Escaping from Bunkers with Ease

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​A simple tip when it comes to escaping greenside bunkers can simply come down to club selection. Depending on the type of sand and playing conditions can make all the difference in how you should approach the shot. When playing on firm, packed bunkers, it is ideal to use a wedge with less bounce. Less bounce will allow the club to dig just enough into the bunker to lift the ball in the air as opposed to “bouncing” off the hardpan causing the common “skull” over the green.

​When entering a bunker where the sand is loose or fluffy, the ideal club should have a higher degree of bounce. This will allow the club to splash the sand lifting the ball out of the bunker as opposed to a club with lesser bounce that would continue to dig too far into the sand resulting in the ball never escaping the bunker. Next time you find yourself entering a greenside bunker remember this tip and never fear a bunker shot again.
Remember, feel the sand with your feet and the bunker shot will become an asset not a liability.

Credit: Mike Gooden, PGA
Head Professional
Lakeview Golf Club

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